About Scope Creep

Scope Creep is my attempt to codify my own theories about how to make comms, branding, and public relations faster and more effective.

I’m Joel Johnson, a brand and comms strategist who focuses on long-term reputation change to create more revenue: new product launches, audience relationships, or reintroductions of misunderstood brands. I’ve worked with dozens of clients over my strategy career, primarily Fortune 50 companies like General Motors and IBM, and growth-stage startups. I have also worked at times as interim Head of Comms building practices inside organizations.

Before entering the marketing world, I was a technology journalist and media industry executive, working with—and often building—mastheads at places like Gawker Media, WIRED, Popular Mechanics, and many more.

Scope Creep is sent out a couple of times a week.


Joel Johnson
PR and brand for fast movers. Working on my patience.