Plus Substack follies, Work Friends, and an interview with a loudmouth (me).
Plus: The end of creative services, ad industry retraction, and bookings for 2023.

July 2022

Plus: A.I. Ketchup, Yelling At Reporters
Plus: LinkedIn Layoff Etiquette, a Leaked TikTok Messaging Doc and more
Cuts at MEL, Audrey Gelman (sort of) returns, and free social optimization tips from two car nerds.
Lying to Yourself: Part 4: Or, Why You Don't Understand What Comms Does
Plus, revisiting That Pepsi Deck, Obligatory Elon, Twitter's New Head of Comms
Let's try to figure out how he got that job.
Links: July 8th, 2022
Ha ha ha!
Workplace optimism for productive pessimists; Carter's ESP spyplane; corporate-state comms.

June 2022

Hiring Makes Sociopaths Of Us All